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Mr. Frog Leaf Rake Net

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Product Description

Mr. Frog "Freddy" is designed to be super cute BUT built to last.  The Skimmie used the highest quality ABS plastic and net material to make this a net that will last for many years.  They took EVERYTHING into consideration when designing this leaf rake net.  You will be so happy with the quality and durability of Freddy.  Don't forget about his partner, Ms. Frog "Lady Frog" as she is a fine mesh net.  Lady Frog, "picks up what he leaf's behind!"  

Mr. Frog aka Freddy is a highly durable leaf rake. 

  • The net depth is 20" and the mouth is 20" wide. 
  • The frame is made from Strong ABS plastic that will hold up to the heaviest loads being scooped up. 
  • The frame has been reinforced by a bridge design to not break at the neck of the frame. 
  • The mesh net material comes with a drag bag that protects the main net material from tears when pushing the net across the pool surface. 
  • The front of the frame has a 32 degree scoop that allows the frame to keep the lip on the pool floor surface the further you reach out with the pole. 
  • The net bag has a weighted tag to help make dumping the debris easier and provides weight to flip the net inside and outside for complete debris removal.
  • *Patent Pending