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SwamCam Pool Alarm



The most advanced drowning prevention system,
always powered on for surveillance of the pool area.


  • * Alerts Inside, outside and remote
  • * Sounds alarm without Wi-Fi!
  • * One Touch Emergency Dial on Live view
  • * Two-Way Communication
  • * Weatherproof System
  • * Control with Your Smart Phone
  • * Extra wide field of view
  • * Requires 115-volt outlet for power
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Product Description

Introducing the SwamCam pool alarm, an Artificial Intelligence swimming pool alarm designed to detect and alert as soon as a child enters the pool area. The SwamCam pool alarm camera is the most advanced and comprehensive product available to assist in drowning prevention. When Armed, it continuously scans the pool area for the presence of people. SwamCam has a custom app for your Smart Phone that allows you to pull up a live view of the pool area, speak to anyone in the area, arm and disarm the SwamCam, and even call 911 if necessary. Artificial Intelligence allows the SwamCam to constantly learn and improve, and new features can be added as the app is updated.

You can mount the SwamCam camera so it has a full view of your pool area since the SwamCam's fisheye lens has almost a full 180 degree view. The SwamCam will be connected to your home’s WiFi network as well as to the wireless siren/WiFi extender. When a child enters the pool area while the system is armed, you will receive a push notification on your phone, an audible alarm at the camera, and an audible alarm at the remote siren inside the home. The system includes a wireless keypad that can be used to grant access to those who do not have the app, such as family members, neighbors, or pool companies to service your pool. They will be able to disarm the system when they arrive and rearm when they leave. You can also set up auto rearming in case someone forgets to rearm the system so that it will automatically be done after a preset amount of time.

WARNING: This system is not a life saving system and is not intended to be solely relied upon by user for supervising an area of safety concern. This system is meant to supplement active human supervision of minors. This system is subject to technology shortfalls such as (but not limited to) interruptions in electrical power or WiFi signal. Always make sure minors are properly supervised by an adult. For more information on pool safety, please see


  • Advanced child detection algorithm
  • Built-in Wi-Fi repeater to extend Wi-Fi signal to pool
  • Keypad to arm/disarm the system - Requires 2 AAA batteries. Battery life is about 1 year.
  • Enables live video feed to remotely monitor pool
  • Rapid alert notifications to smartphones
  • App allows for full customization of system
  • Loud wireless siren alerts the entire household
  • Quick and easy installation