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The Skimmie Sock Lock XL

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Product Description

The Skimmie Sock Lock XL is The ULTIMATE Handle for skimmer baskets!  

1) The Sock Lock is the FIRST EVER handle you can use with skimmer socks.  

2) The Sock Lock XL design allows you to use the handle WITH or WITHOUT skimmer socks by attaching the silicone disc that comes provided.

3) When using skimmer socks, the handle pinches the skimmer sock and keeps the sock and debris down even when the pump turns off trapping the debris in the sock.

4) There is a 5oz Stainless Steel weight imbedded into the handle to make sure your skimmer basket stays down.  The total weight of the handle is 9oz.

5) The Sock Lock XL stands 13" tall so you have access to the handle above the waterline.

6) 1/4 Turn to easily Lock and Unlock the handle from the base.

7) Remove the handle when you want to use a vacuum lid for cleaning.

8) Made from High Quality ABS Plastic that will last for years to come.

9) An extra silicone disc is provided as a backup.

10) The LAST handle you will ever need to buy!  We covered it all with this one!